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Eviction Delay Services offers a unique delay service for renters, tenants, & foreclosed homeowners in California to delay their eviction.

Stop Your Eviction

We specialize in stopping evictions in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco & and all other major county's throughout California.

Stay In Your Home

By Utilizing our Eviction delay strategy’s you are able to stay in your home or apartment during the active eviction and save money

Eviction Help In California

Our Advantages

We’re a well-established eviction delay firm assisting clients who are facing eviction gain more time in their home by contesting there eviction 

Professional Delay Service

  • Unlawful Detainer's
  • 3 Day Notice To Quit
  • 5 Day Notice To Vacate
  • 30 Day Notice To Vacate
  • 60 Day Notice To Vacate
  • 90 Day Notice To Vacate
  • Sheriff's Notice To Vacate
  • Sheriff's Lockout Notice

Evictions We Stop

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